Lulu and Chanel

Lulu and Chanel live in Camden, New South Wales. Follow their adventures in Sydney.

Lulu and Chanel's Raw Meat Diet

bernadette ross - Sunday, July 02, 2017

Walking, walking and eating raw.

Say goodbye to so many canine health issues.

Step 1: Over 7 days, we gradually replaced kibble with Green Tripe (Petbarn, K9Natural sells freeze dried green tripe which can be made up to 1kg by adding water or kefir). This step prepared our gut for a broader range of bacteria, good and bad.

Step 2: We then started our diet. Quantity based on 2% of our desired weight. We are 20kg so we eat about 400 grams a day of meat/bones. We have our main meal in the morning.

Step 3: Stick to the diet; no exceptions, no carbs, no feeding from the table. Because we dogs have short intestines, carbs take too long to break down in our intestinal tract.

We Are What We Eat

Over about a week, we eat a prey animal: skeleton, flesh, stomach contents and organs. Approximately....

50% meaty bones (not bones that will break teeth). We like turkey necks. They clean our teeth and come from Woolies.

30% frozen human grade muscle meat: venison, kangaroo, chicken, blade and chuck steak. We like variety. Rogue Royalty at Campbelltown sell 1kg tubs of venison. Kangaroo is sold at Woolworths..

12% K9 Natural freeze dried green tripe from Petbarn or Online. This also breaks down tartar on our teeth - not need to scale teeth ever again.

8% organ meat, human grade. Heart, liver, kidney.

Every evening we each have a 1/2 cup smoothie that makes up all essential vitamins and minerals. Ground eggshells are a must for calcium.

Into the blender goes: 1 cup of kefir and : 2 raw whole eggs, sprinkle of ground eggshells, sprinkle of turmeric,  spinach leaves, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, sardines in mineral water, banana, apple, pear – NO SEEDS!  Not all at once, just what there is in the kitchen. We love Kefir (fermented milk) because it is a wonderful probiotic. Lactose free. Easy to make.


Our muscle meat is divided into 100g portions before freezing. We eat it thawed.

Turkey bones come in all sizes, they can range from 150 grams to 350 grams each. We have one every day.

Sprinkled eggshells and leafy greens are part of every night "smoothie" meal. We also love an egg at least twice a week.

Mum sourced the organic kefir grains online and puts them in Farmhouse Gold milk because it is whole milk and unhomogenized. Great for our immune system.

We walk every day for an hour.

We weigh 20kg and this our Diet:


Morning: 100g tripe, 100g organ meat (kidney, liver heart) and 1 turkey neck.

Evening: kefir smoothie


Morning: 100g tripe, 100g muscle meat, 1 turkey neck

Evening: kefir smoothie


Morning: 200g muscle meat (venison, cheap blade/chuck steak) and 1 turkey neck.

Evening: kefir smoothie.


No vaccinations for us.

In early spring we get a vet check for heartworm.

For heartworm we use Interceptor Spectrum for Very Small Dogs (called the “Safe Heart Dose”). See FDA Approval.

For fleas mum sprinkles powdered LUFERNURON into the smoothie once a month spring to autumn. We only need 10mg per kilo.

About baths: We don't have these much because samoyeds don't have an odour. But we get brushed a lot and mum cleans all out bits with unscented baby wipes.

A Face To Melt the Heart

bernadette ross - Saturday, July 01, 2017

Tooth Abscess Recovery

Lulu here. I'm eight and I have now fully recovered from a tooth abscess that appeared on the cheek under my left eye. I am, however, short a canine tooth.

Three Dogs at the beach

bernadette ross - Monday, March 21, 2016

Couldn't help ourselves muckin' about with the graffiti wall at Bondi Beach, Sydney.

Maroubra Beach in March

bernadette ross - Monday, March 21, 2016

This little tot sure does have a lot to say.

It's great to bring dad to the beach.

Best beach day for a Samoyed: sun's not too hot, surf's up and there's loads of fresh winds.


bernadette ross - Monday, March 21, 2016

So relaxing when mum connects the hose to the warm bath tap.

Lulu and Chanel at Darling Harbour

bernadette ross - Friday, October 23, 2015

We're a bit wet but Sydney is great - even in the rain.

Out of the Sun

bernadette ross - Friday, October 23, 2015

Channy, do you have to do everything opposite to me?

Lulu is NOT allowed on the couch

bernadette ross - Monday, October 05, 2015

But it's Sunday and the cartoons are on!

Thinking like a dog

bernadette ross - Friday, September 25, 2015

Do I hear dishes rattling in the kitchen? Maybe I better check if there is some food for me.

How clever. I can see myself on myself.

For once I have nothing to add, Lulu, but I can hang my tongue out.

Lulu and Chanel at PLC Croydon

bernadette ross - Thursday, September 24, 2015

Don't forget to smile for the selfie Channy.

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